Lucky Strike
Adam Levine been raping me since the day I was born. Secretly thinking of sueing Maroon 5 for being so perfect and ruining my life. You say Adam Levine, I say my husband- he doesn't know this cause he aint a fortune teller, bitch.
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my emotional stability is more unstable then will herondale getting trapped in a room with a dick

i mean duck


Guys go follow okay if you’re a tmi/tid fan thank you


i would personally like to thank all the people who unfollow me when they get annoyed with what i post instead of sending anon hate u are what is right with the world thank u and bless u

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You know that moment when you’re reading a book and you just have to stop and bite your lip and squeal or sigh or close your eyes and wrinkle your nose and forehead and press the book against your heart and just like sit there and try to soak up the gorgeous literature via osmosis?

That’s my favorite part of reading. 

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Anonymous asked: If you don't like Jen, get the fuck out of her tag. The whole universe does not want to know about your lack of taste for beautiful and intelligent women. You are dismissed.


Is it a crime not to like her? I dont hate her, i’m not sending her hate. I just said i dont like her like most people do. So no, the whole universe does not want to know about your twisted beliefs against me stating my opinion on MY blog. YOU are dismissed.

i’m just thinking to make one multi blog bc seriously all this clicking is giving my hand a rash

forever waiting for the day i hit 222 followers so i can party like a bastard

am i the only one who likes the way the tumblr heart grows red and big when you like a post and goes broken and grey when you unlike

like seriously, if you’re a maroon 5 and/or adam levine blog, then favourite this

i will follow you

*awk moment bc nobody favourites*

that awkward moment when your activity graph is more dead then the rate of adam tweeting per year

seriously people telling others whether they are “true fans” or not pisses me off at 4:51 in the morning

that awkward moment when you’re the only non-jennifer-lawrence-fan on tumblr

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